Traditional and Contemporary Artist

Alex has continued this development and love of Sydney Icon’s with this new Series entitled Sydney Reflections featuring both the acclaimed ocean pools with people at the baths centralised predominantly at the Bondi Beach Icebergs and Sydney Harbour

Mark Hanham is especially known for his large scale streetscapes and iconic well known city overviews especially Sydney Harbour. One sees the isolation of cities also in Hanham’s paintings, Mark often visually narrates daily life allowing the collector to be immediately be transported to those international grand cities when connecting with his work

Allen Byrnes professional career commenced with studies at Julian Ashton’s Art School in Sydney. He joined the television industry as a graphic designer and later progressed to being a freelance art director.He has now left the commercial world and enjoy the opportunity to concentrate on his passion for fishing; boating painting and photography which is reflected in the below paintings.

Alex changed his artistic direction with the enticement of slowing down from his work load in the advertising world to then turn around to seek another artistic reward by utilising his skills further in the fine art field. He has now been recognised and realized much to his modesty in recent times to become a winner of the Mosman Art Prize

Nada dramatic Still Life’s complement the unique uses of thick brushes, oil paints and a palette knife. The palette knife creates a “fresh” quality and is perfect for painting wet over wet without the colours becoming muddy.

  • Red Hot Pokers - Nada Herman
  • Waterlilies&Koi - Nada Herman
  • Rose Bouquet - Nada Herman
  • lily Bouquet on Red - Nada Herman

Ward-winning artist Jane Bennett is renowned for her plein air paintings of Sydney Harbour’s industrial and maritime heritage. Sydney artist Jane Bennett – who has documented on canvas the changing character of Sydney Harbour, from working port to playground of the wealthy – painted HMAS Adelaide from afar,

Introducing renowned artist Barry Novis in his first Ultimate Art Four Seasons solo exhibition. In the lobby, you can view his latest striking collection and experience the magic of abstract art first-hand.
From the start, Novis paintings were always larger-than-life, featuring bold strokes or multiple dots in acrylic or oil on canvas. Today, he continues to develop that style by including abstract in his repertoire with a salute to masters such as Pollock and Richter.



Warlimpirringa Last Nomads

Tommy Watson - Irrunytju Arts