Introducing renowned artist Barry Novis in his first Ultimate Art Four Seasons solo exhibition. In the lobby, you can view his latest striking collection and experience the magic of abstract art first-hand.

From the start, Novis paintings were always larger-than-life, featuring bold strokes or multiple dots in acrylic or oil on canvas. Today, he continues to develop that style by including abstract in his repertoire with a salute to masters such as Pollock and Richter.

The limited Edition “And All that Jazz” triptych celebrates The Roaring Twenties and Sydney’s love of Jazz. So why not visit The Basement in The Rocks for Jazz music, then visit Ultimate Art Four Seasons and see for yourself the impact of music on Novis art.

Abstract Art

Irrunytju Arts is now well established and the artists are known for producing vibrant and colourful canvases which depict a variety of tjukurpa, heavily related to the landscape of the surrounding country and its history. The Tjukurpa includes (dreamtime) stories embedded in the spectacular landscape of abundant waterholes and ancient ranges.

The art centre has supported over 30 artists, including Wingu Tingima, Alkawari Dawson, Patju Presley and Yannima Tommy Watson (who now works independently), as well as Jorna Newberry, Kuntjil Cooper, Karrika Belle Davidson, Ivy Laidlaw, Tjayanka Woods, Myra Cook, Anmanari Brown, Angampa Martin and Roma Butler.

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It is difficult to capture what ‘Dreaming’ or ‘Dreamtime’ is all about.

The Dreaming is linked to the creation process and spiritual ancestors, and is still around today.’

The Dreaming’ or ‘the Dreamtime’ indicates a psychic state in which or during which contact is made with the ancestral spirits, or the Law, or that special period of the beginning.

—Mudrooroo, Aboriginal writer

Traditionally a dream belongs to the male in the tribe from a particular region. The dream is passed to the daughter or son as they grow and learn the spiritual rituals of the tribe and the land which is depicted through the use of art.

Ultimate Art Current Exhibition is tilted “Celebrating over 40-year career of leading Aboriginal painter Ronnie Tjampitjinpa using traditional and modernised indigenous art techniques.

Ronnie’s style tends towards simple, geometric shapes and bold lines. He explores the themes of water dreaming, bushfire dreaming and the Tingari cycle. Tingari are the legendary beings of the Pintupi people that travelled the desert performing rituals, teaching law, creating landforms and shaping what would become ceremonial sites.

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During the late eighties and early nineties however, Ronnie moved on from the fine dot paintings of his early career, and began to use bold colours applied to the canvas in strong, pulsating lines – a move which was to gain significant attention.

The indigenous work displayed by Ultimate Art Gallery captures the essence of Passing the Dream through the Papunya Tula ; Utopia & Irrunytju Communities. For these people the land has always been symbolically and literally the foundation of cultural knowledge.

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Through dreamtime the land was created and named with cultural laws and rituals evolving through the dreamtime. The dreamtime narratives are reconstituted through ceremonial performances and cultural art production to ensure the wellbeing of the ancestors, their sites of residence and the people who are forever connected to them.

Where ancient and important stories are concerned, and particularly those containing secret or sacred information, an artist must have permission to paint the story she or he paints. Traditional Aboriginal artists cannot paint a story that does not belong to them through family lineage this is not the case with the “Last Nomads” as no hierarchy exist in this small group of nine.

In this way the physical and spiritual survival of Aboriginal people is maintained. Through this artwork we are able to glimpse only a portion of the culture as the dream is passed.

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A major point of difference between Ultimate Art and other Galleries is each sections theme is driven either by the Family’s or Category Theme. The six Artist currently selected by Ultimate Art covered different themes using different Styles.

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It is the intention of Ultimate Art Gallery to showcase a range of quality work from artists which we believe contribute to the tapestry of cultural discourse, in addition to providing a platform for original and creative curatorial voices.

Working in a variety of mediums they explore themes which align with the focus of the Gallery, which is to showcase high quality and progressive artistic work that contributes to the tapestry of cultural discourse.

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Fraction of the Whole reflects on relationships, commitment and
companionship; lives and experiences shared.
Jenny Green uses hard welded steel to evoke soft snippets of conversation and brushed intimacies.

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Within the site you will find a showcase of existing and available sculptor designs medium to large scale appropriate of commissioning into residential, public & commercial architectural projects ; but also gallery size sculptors suitable for the private collector.

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Warlimpirringa Last Nomads

Tommy Watson - Irrunytju Arts