Contemporary and Traditional Australian art

Inspired by the ancient and weathered Australian landscape, Kate Briscoe mixes sand into paint to create eroded geological cross sections and striations that capture the substance and sensuality of the earth. For Kate, landforms tell stories.

Rockfall’ series 2016
These works continue my exploration of the Kimberley, focussing here on Emma Gorge.
Emma Gorge is a steep gorge whose walls display the many layers of rock formations from different periods of geological time. Where these rocks have broken off and tumbled into the gorge, a mixture of forms and shapes of rock can be seen jumbled together

A painter in the romantic tradition, Tran’s work possess all the elements of the intangible which characterized the visionary works of artists such as Delacroix and inspired thinkers including Nietsche and musicians, Wagner and Schubert. For the first time throughout history, the Romantics sought to portray the essence of spirituality, or ‘God’, without referring directly to religious iconography.

Sokquon Tran’s sublime landscapes reveal to us a beauty and mystery which speak to us of a greater power than ourselves, transcending place and portraying an echo and a visceral response to it.

Allen Byrnes professional career commenced with studies at Julian Ashton’s Art School in Sydney. He joined the television industry as a graphic designer and later progressed to being a freelance art director.He has now left the commercial world and enjoy the opportunity to concentrate on his passion for fishing; boating painting and photography which is reflected in the above paintings.

Nada dramatic Still Life’s complement the unique uses of thick brushes, oil paints and a palette knife. The palette knife creates a “fresh” quality and is perfect for painting wet over wet without the colours becoming muddy.

Alex changed his artistic direction with the enticement of slowing down from his work load in the advertising world to then turn around to seek another artistic reward by utilising his skills further in the fine art field. He has now been recognised and realized much to his modesty in recent times to become a winner of the Mosman Art Prize

Ward-winning artist Jane Bennett is renowned for her plein air paintings of Sydney Harbour’s industrial and maritime heritage. Sydney artist Jane Bennett – who has documented on canvas the changing character of Sydney Harbour, from working port to playground of the wealthy – painted HMAS Adelaide from afar,

Alex Bondi series

Alex Lavroff’s former career as a brilliant commercial illustrator has taken him now to his great love of fine art. His latest contribution is the acclaimed ocean pools with people at the baths centralised predominantly at the Bondi Beach Icebergs.



Warlimpirringa Last Nomads

Tommy Watson - Irrunytju Arts