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Our art services include international tax free white glove export & import shipping worldwide, corporate art leasing, private and corporate collector’s consultations in strategically building an art collection by artmoney and analysing art markets. https://www.artmoney.com/au/what-is-art-money#Learn more

How do you get returns with your artwork whether it is in a SMSF or not?

Over the last few months we have expanded in the area of art rental and now have over 400 Interior Designers; Architects and people within the Construction Industry and are about to launch this new side of the business.

A number of clients have been approached in the last few months and they have decided to add their pieces of artwork to Ultimate Art rental stock. If you wish to be considered for inclusion in Ultimate Art rental stock your artwork must be independently valued.

The Ultimate Art Valuation services will be preformed by Michael Fox Arts Accountant & Valuer
BCom (Acc) UQ, MTax Melb, IPA, AVAA and contain the following components. The Valuation Certificate sample will be provided once you confirm your valuation request by filing in the Request form to the right

• Valuation Report;
• Compliance Statement;
• Valuation Certificate; and
• Tax Invoice for professional services

Prices per Range of Artwork Valuation
1-20 artworks $120 per artwork EX GST
21-30 artworks $95 per artwork EX GST
31-40 artworks $85 per artwork Ex GST
41-50 artworks $75 per artwork Ex GST
over 50 artworks the fee should be by acceptance of quote.

5 Tax tips for serious art collectors bought to you by Michael Fox Arts Accountant & Valuer

1. Collect Museum Quality Art
According to the experts, if you buy museum quality art today, and invest in a top pedigree of artists, then just a little dibble-dabble in the market today, can be transformed into pennies and pounds later.

2.Use Tony’s Tradies scheme
Michael Fox who helps people with their tax every day says one of the big loopholes people can exploit, is the “Tony’s Tradies” – a Small Business raft of tax measures, which allows small businesses to claim their expenses up to $20,000. “If you have an ABN, then under the small business act you can claim the entire sum of that purchase up to the tune of $20,000 each; A small business meaning turnover of less than $2 million dollars annually.

3. Know your Budget
New collectors should never be scared to talk about the budget they have in mind for buying art from Galleries as they are used to dealing with Interior designers and architects who will always come with a budget in mind

4. Develop a corporate culture
Today corporate collections are generally no longer seen simply as a way of decorating a company’s foyer, boardroom or offices. Instead, they are seen as a marketing tool that assists in defining a corporation’s brand or reputation.

5. Use the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program to solve a tax problem on the horizon
If you can simply foresee some heavy tax bills in the next five years, then brush up on the conditions under which public institutions accept big bequests. Once the valuation comes in and your donation is accepted, then you have five years to right-off the value of the artwork.

Find out more about the above topic by clicking the link 5 Tax Tips

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