Alex Lavroff

Alex Lavroff’s former career as a brilliant commercial illustrator has taken him now to his great love of fine art. His latest contribution is the acclaimed ocean pools with people at the baths centralised predominantly at the Bondi Beach Icebergs.

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Alex’s formal art education was born from the famous Sydney Technical Art Collage at Darlinghurst; and later at the Royal Art Society at North Sydney where he would obtain merit with his portraitures; and then training with Graham Inson from the Max Meldrum School in tonal impressionism.

Be that as it may, his great love and most of his career stems from those intoxicating days as an acknowledged Illustrator for the advertising industry specialising in airbrush photo real illustrations.

The twenty first century challenged this liberated artist’s talents thus changing his artistic direction with the enticement of slowing down from his work load in the advertising world to then turn around to seek another artistic reward by utilising his skills further in the fine art field.  He has now been recognised and realized much to his modesty in recent times to become a finalist in the Mosman Art Prize and the Willoughby Art Prize.

He has exhibited with Michael Commeford, St Vincent Hospital, (Group Shows) and with the Sarah Roney Gallery (Solo Show).  Alex has also had the honour to be represented in the United States by Oz Art.

Current Exhibition Group Show Ultimate Art Four Seasons – “Sydney Reflections”

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  • Bondi Icebergs - Alexander Lavroff
  • Coogee baths - Alexander Lavroff
  • Start of the race - Alexander Lavroff
  • Amish bucket and capsicums- Limited Edition - Alexander Lavroff
  • Sydney Harbour Sunset - Alexander Lavroff
  • AirMail- Alex Lavroff
  • Sydney Harbour Dusk - Alex Lavroff
  • Sydney Harbour Reflections - Alex Lavroff



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